The Energy Security Council – An Interesting Non-Profit Group Quietly Doing Vital Work

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Today we briefly interrupt our usual flow of weather outlooks, vital preparedness updates and general weather stuff to take a moment to salute the Houston-based Energy Security Council.  Which might not sound like a blockbuster movie but it’s actually pretty interesting stuff when you consider that Houston is the energy capital of the world and that, unfortunately, the need for better security continues to escalate in this era.  Courtesy of ESC Executive Director John Chamberlain, here are a few facts about the Council.

  • It’s the premier security networking organization in the energy sector.
  • They’re a non-profit international professional organization made up of security and safety leaders from all types of energy companies.
  • ESC is unique in their cultivation of very progressive ongoing relationships with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies.
  • They develop regular opportunities for the meaningful exchange of ideas, information and best practices on security in the energy sector.
  • It conducts exclusive hands-on law enforcement training for criminal investigations in the oil patch and throughout the energy sector.
  • The Council sponsors and underwrites the Energy Crime Stoppers program which helps deter crime in the energy sector by providing cash rewards for anonymous tips that lead to arrests and convictions of individuals committing crimes against energy companies.
  • It’s an active member of the Oil & Natural Gas Sector Coordinating Council working in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Finally, they’re currently celebrating 30 years of security leadership in the energy sector for a very impressive list of member companies.

The Energy Security Council's Winter Quarterly Meeting, 31 January 2012. Photo: Laura Ekstrom, Energy Security Council

According to John, “ESC provides its members vital networking opportunities among energy security managers and law enforcement leaders to help ‘connect the dots’ and prevent crimes against employees and property of energy companies.” Testament to that, here’s the agenda for the group’s Winter Quarterly Meeting – all of which are not only educational but diverse and really interesting – held last Tuesday:

  • Prosecuting “home grown” terrorists and other issues for 2012
  • The Washington legislative horizon effecting energy security
  • Unconventional Weapons Threat and Response (including radiation)
  • Iraq and Middle East Security Concerns and predictions for 2012
  • Confronting Occupy Wall Street Protestors in Oklahoma and at the Port of Houston
  • Marcellus Shale play security issues and concerns
  • Understanding the Minds of Shooters and Terrorists

In other words, not exactly a potluck dinner at the lodge.

ESC Executive Director John Chamberlain and staff member Cynthia Day. Photo: Laura Ekstrom, Energy Security Council

ImpactWeather has benefited from our ESC membership over the years and our ImpactReady clients have been the direct beneficiaries of our experience with the organization.  Note that the ESC is a private organization, membership is limited to those companies, corporations and law enforcement personnel doing business with or providing services to the energy or related sectors and that two letters of recommendation from current members are required for new members to join.  For more information, visit or contact Laura Ekstrom at laura at

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