Snow on Christmas Day?

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First, is there an actual definition for a White Christmas? Yes! The official definition is: 1 inch of snow on the ground during December 25th.

How does the Probability Map compare to what’s out there today? Pretty favorably! Notice the southern extent of the snow in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma thanks in large part to yesterday’s powerful storm in the Plains and the Upper Mississippi River Valley.



A White Christmas is special, but to have it actually snowing Christmas Morning is a true joy. Where is it still snowing early on this Christmas Morn? ImpactWeather Gmaps Radar tells the story (the gray colors indicate snow, the greens, yellows and oranges indicate rain, while the pinkish reds indicate freezing precipitation).

What about internationally? The following Gmaps graphics show where snow is expected to fall on Christmas Day.

Images courtesy of ImpactWeather’s Gmaps Interactive Mapping System.

See the full gallery on posterous

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