Mayon: Still No Eruption

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It’s not been quiet across the so-called Ring of Fire these past several months. Several volcanoes have been active in Honduras, Nicaragua, the Philippines,  southern Japan and the Kuril Islands of the Kamchatka Peninsula. And today, the Philippine volcano Mayon is threatening to erupt, even as villagers return to the region having already been previously evacuated.

Nearly 50,000 people have been evacuated from the region, but more than a few are returning as the lava flow becomes a trickle and the frequency of quakes becomes more infrequent.

Still, The Philippine government’s chief volcanologist continues to warn of the impending eruption. Magma levels inside the volcano continue to rise, indicating the volcano is not "taking a break," as some locals have stated.

The last eruption from the 8,000ft peak was in 2006. At that time, the volcano "simmered" for some two months before finally erupting. Mayon has erupted nearly 40 times since records began being kept more than 400 years ago.

A recent image shows lava trickling from Mayon:

Image: AFP

The Pacific Ring of Fire:

Image: Wiki Commons

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