Just How Rainy A Downpour? Time-Lapse Video Shows

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As this week’s U.S. severe weather event made its way through Houston yesterday, ImpactWeather TropicsWatch Manager Chris Hebert took a few moments every ¼-hour or so to check one of the local bayou cams – the “Harris Gully Box Culvert” cam – and to trap the occasional image.   Here’s a 20-second compilation that spans a little over three hours:

The culvert is exactly where the water is designed to go so it’s definitely a focused concentration but impressive nonetheless.  Especially after the drought we’ve suffered over the last year, or continue to endure depending on who you ask.  For those of you interested in the mechanics, the diagonal line in the immediate foreground of the video is a Braes Bayou bike path that Chris and I both ride often.  The cam  is mounted at the Ronald McDonald House Houston (an excellent cause – donate if you can) and it’s aimed due NW across Braes Bayou and right up the gully, past which is Ben Taub Hospital and the rest of the Texas Medical Center, the organization responsible for installing the camera.  Just to the north is the Hermann Park Golf Course and the Houston Zoo and museum district.  The bayou itself feeds into the Houston Ship Channel, Galveston Bay and eventually the Gulf of Mexico.

Photo: Google

This is my favorite kind of Google satellite image:  notice the tall, shadow-throwing building on the left side compared with the even taller one on the right.  You can see the west side of the one on the left/west and the east side of the building on the right/east because the image is two satellite passes stitched together.  Sometimes excellent technology can give you a bit of a headache.

The storm continues to the east today leaving lots of rain, pockets of destruction and cooler temps in its wake:

The front continues eastward today. Graphic: ImpactWeather, Inc.

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