Extreme Cold leads to Power Rationing in China

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Extreme Cold leads to Power Rationing in China



Asia has been experiencing a cold snap just like the U.S. and Europe. Cities across eastern and central China are rationing power for industry and have been urging residents to limit gas use. The icy cold weather has sent energy demands to new peaks with power and coal companies haggling over prices. China’s coal mining is mostly done inland while the demand is mainly on the coast. Due to heavy snow, coal transportation has been difficult. Some power plants have even shut down for lack of coal.


The cold Arctic air is expected to continue across southeastern Russia, eastern Mongolia, and a portion of northern China the next couple of days. Low temperatures will range from -15F to -30F with day time highs from 0F to -15F. Count your blessings if you are waking up to temperatures above freezing!




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