Millions Washed Away? No!

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Driving golf balls in driving rain is not pleasant for golfers or spectators and this year’s Bob Hope Classic has nearly been washed away. However, with the birthplace of golf being one of the most notorious wetlands in the world, it’s rare that a golf event is cancelled. Such is the case in California: The popular Bob Hope Classic has had postponements, but no cancellations.

Image: BBC
Californians battling the flooding rains have been frequent images in the media these past two weeks. Not so, the soggy golfers (once you stray from The Golf Channel). Still, the event is expected to reach its community and charitable donation goals of between $1.5 and $2 million, despite lower attendance numbers blamed directly on the rain.

Private weather services have long been providers of specialized weather forecasts and alerts for golf and other sporting events. From lightning alerts to protect golfers and spectators in open areas, to rainfall forecasts that allow groundskeepers to protect greens and fairways, to severe thunderstorm alerts for when more than an umbrella is needed to protect against hail and high winds, private weather companies are one of the many keys to the success of a big-time golf event.

Located in the arid regions on the edge of the Mojave Desert east of Riverside, CA the La Quinta Country Club is not accustomed to rain, much less rain-outs or postponements. One day behind schedule, the Bob Hope Classic wrapped up yesterday.



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