More (More Ice, More Snow, More Headache)

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While many areas in the Plains are still without power from last week’s snow and ice storm,  the next storm is already marching through the Plains and heading toward the Mid-Atlantic with more ice and more snow. Our forecast remains much as it did yesterday: upwards of 16 inches of snow across the Cumberland Gap of western Maryland, eastern West Virginia and the border region of southern Pennsylvania. To the south, ice amounts may approach one inch across regions of the Shenandoah Valley and the I-64 Corridor of Virginia, as well as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park region of western North Carolina. Next week yet another storm is targeting Texas and Oklahoma with more ice and more snow.

ImpactWeather Meteorologist Megan Krannig produced today’s StormWatch: Special Edition video, placed at the bottom of this posting.

Image: ImpactWeather StormWatch.

Last week’s ice storm. In some places, ice was 2.5 inches thick around power lines; 5 inches thick on conductors. Photo: Bill Graham. Indian Electric Coop, Cleveland, Oklahoma.

The weight of the ice brings these power lines to within arm’s reach. In many areas, the lines came down. Often if the ice doesn’t bring down the lines then the ice will bring down the tree limbs, and then the ice-covered tree limbs bring down the lines. Photo: Bill Graham. Indian Electric Coop, Cleveland, Oklahoma.

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