Strong Low Pounding UK and Northwestern Europe – Blizzard and 100+ MPH Winds

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Falling temperatures will bring more seasonal early December weather to the U.K. as a strong low pressure area moves through the United Kingdom and into the North Sea today and tomorrow bringing the threat of strong winds, heavy rain and some snow to the region. London today is experiencing high temperatures in the middle 40s F (7 C), while Glasgow will be slightly cooler. Dublin should peak in the lower 40s today and near 40 tomorrow, before rebounding into the upper 40s Monday. (Temperature conversion here, and calculator here.)

The effects of this strong low will be widespread from northwestern Europe, across the U.K. and into Norway, Sweden and Finland. Click for larger image. Image: ImpactWeather Gmaps

Any strong low pressure area will produce strong winds and that is indeed the case with this North Atlantic low pressure. Gusty westerly to southwesterly winds may impact northern portions of the U.K., coastal regions of southern Norway and Sweden, possibly portions of Denmark and even northern Germany. Sustained winds of 40-50 mph may become possible with gusts as high as 60-70 mph, especially along favored terrain and coastal areas of northern Ireland and Scotland, Sweden and Denmark.  Most areas should see winds today slightly less than yesterday when winds of 80mph were reported across portions of Scotland. However, the pressure gradient remains tight across the U.K. where winds in the highest elevations of the highlands of Scotland could surpass 100 mph. As this system makes its way into the North Sea tomorrow, strong northwesterly winds will continue to impact coastal regions of Denmark, Germany and possibly Poland along the North Sea before winds begin diminishing on Saturday.

Though mostly a heavy rain event, snow is possible in some regions — even blizzard conditions in northeastern Scotland (Inverness and Aberdeen) are not out of the question given the strength of the wind. In addition to the U.K., heavy rain will develop across southern Sweden and southern Norway on Friday as the system tracks across the area.

Want to plan your next European holiday based on the weather? Use this interactive map for seasonal weather information. Once clicked, use the calendar to select your desired month and the sliding scales to narrow your temperature and hours of daylight preferences. Thanks to Thomson Holidays. Powered by BBC Weather.














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