Icebergs on Lake Michigan!

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Oh, come on! Icebergs on Lake Michigan? Really? So says the email that landed in my Inbox this morning. The icebergs were big and white and some were even streaked with blue. Quite pretty, but Lake Michigan??

Purported Lake Michigan icebergs. Photo: Who knows? (Snopes actually attributes the photo to Oyvind Tangend, a Norwegian sailor.)

Ice on Lake Michigan is not out of the question, but nothing even close to anything like the ‘bergs in the photos has ever been spotted. Not only do the NOAA charts reveal the lakes to be mainly ice-free as of yesterday, my favorite Urban Legends site,, reports the photos are from the southern waters of the Antarctic.


Not Fake: Latest North American snow and ice panel. Source: NOAA

Then there’s the email that seems to land in my Inbox each spring: “Tornado Threatens Oil Rig!” And the email includes the most amazingly sharp, clear, studio-perfect photo of a tornado in the middle of the night approaching a desolate Texas oil rig. If it’s too good to be true, don’t you think it is? The tornado funnel and lightning is real; it’s a photo taken in Melbourne, Florida; it’s anybody’s guess as to where the oil rig was/is – but it wasn’t near this tornado!

Watch out Oil Rig Workers! OMG! Original photo: NOAA, Melbourne, FL.

What about when things aren’t quite so obvious? I did a search on Google for “Private Weather Companies” and more than 112 million results were returned. Who do you turn to for help filtering the forecast from the fluff; the warnings from the weird; the real from the “OMG!“?

At ImpactWeather our motto is “Your Weather Department” and what we do is help our clients with answers to their questions and provide solutions to their problems. Our clients don’t need to wade through 112 million Google results to find the right forecast, the most timely warnings or a weather company that responds directly to their needs. We don’t even mind sorting out the fact from the fiction when these sorts of emails land in their Inboxes.

Writer: Dave Gorham

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