Russia: Wild Weather

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Pink snow and tornadoes, those are the reports coming in from Russia today.

The Moscow suburb of Krasnozavodsk experienced a rare winter tornado, as reported by (I find it odd that there is no snow on the ground and the grass so green. Snow has been plaguing Moscow for the past few weeks/months. Could this be a photo from last year?)

ImpactWeather’s Gmaps 2.0 locates the low pressure center well north of Moskva (Moscow) with the warm front draped southward across the Russian capital. Heavy snow is expected north and northwest of the city, while lesser accumulations are expected near Moscow. Image: ImpactWeather’s Gmaps 2.0.


Meanwhile, in the southern Russia province of Krasnodar, pink snow blanketed the ground.

Pink/brown snow near Krasnodar, Russia. Photo: RIA Novosti.


Gmaps 2.0 shows a strong cold front moving across the Greek Isles. Strong winds picked up dust and sand from Africa and, blowing across the Mediterranean while mixing with rain, deposited the brownish-pinkish precipitation on top of previously fallen snows across areas of southern Russia. Pink snow? Peculiar, yes; unusual, no. This sort of wind (and the resulting off-colored precipitation) is not uncommon as cold fronts move across the Med. In fact, it’s uncommon but not out of the question that Saharan dust can be blown across the Atlantic to the United States. Image: ImpactWeather’s Gmaps 2.0.

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