Winter Yields to the Season of Preparation

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Back in September, ImpactWeather began preparing our clients for what looked like a long, grueling winter and with record-breaking snows across many areas east of the Mississippi River our clients have not been surprised. You’ve read about a lot of the unusual weather right here on YourWeatherBlog but we’re finally beginning to see a crack in the icy armor.  For those of us along the Gulf and East Coasts, we know that means it’s time to start getting ready.  It may be cool and breezy now but we know that summer – and tropical weather – are on the way.

So today is our annual generator checkup, we’ve already started planning for resupply of ride-out provisions and we’ll be conducting our annual three-day Disaster Recovery Test for our headquarters here in Houston next month, including testing our emergency response plan and employee communication process.

We’re getting ready.  It’s time for you to be getting ready, too.  Most importantly, it’s time to make sure your employees are as prepared as possible.

Why?  Unprepared employees not only cost companies thousands of dollars each, but those who aren’t prepared aren’t nearly as likely to return to work after a disaster.  And if they do return in a timely manner to help get your operations back up to speed, those who prepare as much as possible beforehand are likely to be less distracted and substantially more effective in performing when you need them most.

In the mid ‘90’s and based on client feedback, ImpactWeather created the Hurricane Awareness and Preparedness Presentations (HAPPs) program.  These hour-long presentations include Q&A and are designed to help you make sure your entire staff is as prepared as possible and includes more than just helpful tips.  It features a carefully refined list of specific items employees should have on hand well in advance of any potentially disastrous weather, as well as guidelines for what to do before, during and after the threat has passed and, of course, an outlook for the upcoming season.  And . . . I have to say it because it’s true . . . a whole lot more.

We’ve presented hundreds of HAPPs by now, to audiences ranging from a few dozen to several thousand, and the feedback is always, always positive. 

The HAPPs are customizable and are available in a variety of presentation formats and scheduling for the 2010 season is well underway.  For more information, take a look at this 90-second video and/or give us a call at 877 792-3220 or email

Avoid the lines.  Thwart the panic.  Be prepared.  Start getting ready now.  And remember – if nothing else, it just makes getting back to normal a whole lot easier.

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