Severe Weather Impact…In A Very Positive Way

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Community outreach is a passion of ours here at ImpactWeather. Several times a year we make it a priority to give back to the community and to lend a hand any way we can. Most recently we gave our support to the 515th Sappers by raising money and filling boxes of goodies to send overseas to the troops. Of course, this is the least we could do for all that they do for us.

Last week we had the opportunity to speak at a career fair at DeZavala Middle School here in Pasadena, TX. Stormwatch Meteorologist Steven Abru-Hill spoke at the event and here’s what he had to say:

“It was really fun to be a part of this fair. There were about 12-15 presenters including local fire/police dept., military, entrepreneur, motivational speakers and reps from a chemical company. Most of the students were interested in suiting up in a fire suit but I had a lot of students asking about the weather, especially about tornadoes and hurricanes. As expected, they all went after the tracking charts. It seemed like the 5th graders were more interested. It was a great time and I told them we’d be happy to do more in the future.”

 ImpactWeather’s Meteorologist Steven Abreu-Hill with students at PISD’s DeZavala Middle School. Photo: Steven Abru-Hill

At the career fair, Steven explained to the kids what a typical work day is like for a meteorologist and the type of training and schooling that are required. Probably one of the most frequent assumptions is that all meteorologists are on TV (and ironically I used to be one). Actually, TV meteorologists make up only a small percentage, while positions with the government make up the majority of jobs for meteorologists. Steven gave the kids some information on the different positions and things you can do as a meteorologist.

 Photo: Steven Abreu-Hill

Earlier this year, we produced a week-long presentation via a live-streaming event for 6,000+ Pasadena ISD middle school students. Each day there was an hour-long presentation given by one of five different ImpactWeather meteorologists. The talks ranged from the basics of meteorology to hurricane forecasting. We also did a behind-the-scenes look at broadcast meteorology where we showed the students how the chroma-key (green screen) is transformed into weather maps. In the past we’ve also done similar presentations for a group of elementary students at Settlers Way among others. We’ve even had a group of Girl Scouts visit our offices here at ImpactWeather.

 Yours truly showing the ImpactWeather studio to student visitors. Photo: Fred Rogers 

Being able to share our passion for weather with students is an honor and privilege of ours. We also hope to get young minds more excited about science and spark their interest in meteorology. In March, ImpactWeather fielded two five-man teams at the Marine Technology Society’s annual Sporting Clays Tournament. The event raised more than $92,000 for scholarships for future marine engineers.

IW Team Two: Dave Gorham (Broadcast), Kyle Tupin (VP IT), Daniel Chisolm (IT), Bob Weinzapfel (IT) and Nathan Stanford (Ops).

ImpactWeather is involved in a number of outreach and community outreach programs but one that is very close to our hearts is Impact A Hero. Even though we’re not directly affiliated with them despite their name we have participated in promoting and assisting the organization since they first formed in 2003. Impact A Hero is an organization created for individuals and organizations to help provide emotional and financial support for our severely wounded/disabled War on Terror veterans and their families. To find out more information click here.

Real American heroes benefiting from corporate aviation.

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