Disaster-Related Absenteeism, Sure. But What’s “Presenteeism”?

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Hurricane Frances, 2004.  Photo: NASA

It’s a given that the more prepared an employee is for a severe weather disaster or other type of situation that can close a business, the more likely that employee will be able to return to work afterwards, therefore substantially reducing the wide-scale absenteeism that has such a brutal effect on the survivability of any given business.

Presenteeism refers to the negative effect on business performance that usually results when employees are onsite to work but simply too distracted to perform as well as possible.  This very often happens when an employee gets through a storm or other serious event but is worried about repairs to his/her home, lost property and/or injured or displaced family members.

Are your employees and crisis teams prepared for the 2010 tropical storm season? Now is the time that most smart companies start scheduling awareness training sessions in preparation for the start of storm season on June 1st. In our workshops with over 75 regional businesses, nearly all identified “having good employee education and training” as one of the 16 key lessons-learned from their 2008-2009 tropical storm response. Our 2010 presentations will help bring your employees’ training and awareness to the front line.

 Many of our clients have called on ImpactReady’s experts to develop tailored hurricane preparedness training for their crisis teams and staff. Watch a video preview online. New for this year, the training comes in two forms and two formats (streaming video or on-site seminars):

  • Hurricane Awareness & Preparedness Presentations (HAPP) for general employee education and training
  • Crisis Management Team (CMT) presentations for the staff responsible for managing hurricane response/planning

Each HAPP or CMT presentation runs about an hour and includes time for unlimited Q&A. If you prefer, one of our experts can travel and deliver the presentation in person at your facility. Otherwise, our new “live” video feeds can save you time and money this year in reaching larger audiences or separated facilities. The informative, fast-paced presentations include:

  • A preview of the 2010 tropical storm season
  • Lessons-learned from the last two storm seasons
  • What to expect when the next hurricane makes landfall
  • Why personal resiliency and preparation matter
  • How companies, staff and their families should prepare

Ensure 2010 is your most effective and efficient hurricane response season ever. Don’t rely on outdated training that will make your hurricane response actions untested and problematic. Prepare for this year’s tropical storm season and rely on ImpactWeather for readiness services that count – be ImpactReady! For more information and to schedule a HAPP or CMT presentation, call toll-free at 877-792-3220 or email us at Ready@ImpactWeather.com. Scheduled dates are filling up.

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