Adelaide Pounded…and Flooded

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More than three inches of rain fell in and around Adelaide, Australia late Tuesday as thunderstorms pounded the South Australia city famous for its long beaches and overall high rankings in “most livable” cities comparisons. The storms and flooding disrupted power to as many as 10,000 properties.

As the Southern Hemisphere summer draws to a close, cold fronts and rain will become more frequent in this region of Australia. Summertime Adelaide is typically dry and can be considered a semi-arid climate, leaving most of the rainfall to the winter months. Yesterday’s rain, in just minutes, more than doubled the typical April rainfall. Typically the wettest month is June as rainfall totals average about three inches for the month, which puts Tuesday’s stormy rainfall into perspective. Just two weeks ago the Western Australia city of Perth was in the news due to its worst storm since 1994.


Tuesday evening (local time) onlookers survey flooded grounds in Adelaide. Photo:


Tuesday’s thunderstorms have moved east along a trough of low pressure. Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney should expect showers and thunderstorms Wednesday. Image: ImpactWeather global surface forecast from StormWatch, plus satellite overlay from Gmaps 2.0.

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