Tropical Season Waning, Take Advantage to Shore Up Your Disaster Recovery Effectiveness

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Only seven percent of the U.S. population has taken basic preparedness steps at their house?  Seriously?  Does the other 93% think they’re mysteriously immune when – not if – life gets difficult?   “Some of the statistics are shocking,” according to Mike Thomson, our Business Continuity Services manager.

As the tropical season begins to wind down but well in advance of this winter’s more significant impacts, take advantage of the ‘down’ time to consider the potential non-weather impacts on your business, organization, personal livelihood or family. Here’s two great ways:

  • Listen to Mike Thomson’s recorded interview on the Disaster Recovery Hour radio show hosted by Chris Plunkett.   Mike joined Chris for 35 minutes (we edited out the commercials for you) and the conversation covered a range of different events you need to be prepared for and specifically the value of joining the Association of Contingency Planners regardless of whether your organization is a large one or a small one.  Of particular interest is the discussion contrasting Mike’s experience effecting productive response programs while in the military versus the ‘speed’ of adopting new ideas in the private sector.  You’ll be surprised to learn the difference – it’s probably not what you think.

  • During the interview, Mike and Chris also discussed the inestimable value of CERT training.  Community Emergency Response Team training is Eagle Scout equivalent of achievement for civilian community responders but few know how much it can benefit their professional skills and personal value.  And as Mike reminds us, “One of the best things a company can do to ensure that it’s genuinely prepared is to sponsor CERT training for its employees and establish a CERT team(s) within the company . . . and it’s free!”

And if you’re the one responsible for your organization’s readiness capabilities, you should also take advantage of FEMA’s Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (PS-Prep).  Why?  Again, it improves the ability of both your organization and your employees to respond when disaster, large or small, strikes.  And, again, it’s free.

Only 25% of companies even think about whether their own employees are prepared for a disaster at home.  The point?  When employees aren’t prepared at home they spend much more time responding to their own problems instead of helping the company recover, return and re-open.

And remember that on 9/11, out of all the people who worked in emergency rooms – doctors, nurses, technicians and other essential staff – 73% of them were married to other first responders.  Imagine the impact, in addition to being overwhelmed otherwise, that has on the ability of those responders to  maintain a sustained response effort.  Certainly 9/11 is the defining disaster response event of our time but it reminds you that few other things even begin to approach the importance of mastering your self-sufficiency.

To learn more or to find out about CERT training, contact Mike at 877 792-3220.

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