More Storms Expected: The April Tropical Season Outlook

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UPDATE-ImpactWeather-2010-First-Atlantic-Hurricane-Season-Outlook-20Apr10.pdf (4026 KB)
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ImpactWeather has issued an April update to our original Tropical Season forecast which now calls for a slightly higher number of storms.  We’ve also posted a five-minute video synopsis of the forecast.  For a number of reasons, it looks like it’s going to be a fairly busy season.

Now’s the time to re-check your business continuity plans, your recovery checklist and your storm supplies.  Don’t wait until there’s a storm on the way . . . and if you weren’t affected last year, don’t assume you won’t be this year.  This is a good year to remember the lesson of Andrew, Katrina and Ike:  it only takes one severe storm to make a devastating impact on your operations and your people.

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