Oklahoma City Micronet: Weather Stations on Traffic Signals?

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Oklahoma City is going all out when it comes to weather technology. In the metropolitan area there is currently a world-class network of 40 automated environmental monitoring stations called the Oklahoma City Micronet. The network consists of four Oklahoma Mesonet Stations and 36 sites mounted on traffic signals. Atmospheric conditions are measured and transmitted once a minute to a central facility 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. The Oklahoma Climatological Survey receives the observations, verifies the quality of the data and provides the data to Oklahoma City Micronet partners and customers.

The red dots indicate the Traffic Signal Stations and the blue triangles represent the Oklahoma Mesonet Stations. Image: Mesonet

Stations were installed near important community centers or landmarks in the area. These included schools, the Oklahoma City airport, Wiley Post Airport, Tinker Air Force Base, the Bricktown district, the Ford Center, the Oklahoma City Health Sciences Campus, Quail Springs Mall and Penn Square mall. Other sites were installed within residential areas.

The OKCnet Traffic Signal Stations collect various data, including air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction which are all measured approximately 9 meters above the ground. They also measure barometric pressure and rainfall.

Current conditions from OKC Micronet. Image: Mesonet

For more information on the Oklahoma City Micronet, visit http://okc.mesonet.org/.

Part Two tomorrow: A closer look at the weather stations.

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