Dow Up; Temps Down – Yes!

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While the stock market packs on another day of gains, the temperatures are set to move in the opposite direction over the next few days. Both trends are welcome news, given the past several months of market volatility and scorching temperatures.

ImpactWeather Sr. Meteorologist Fred Schmude provided YourWeatherBlog with a look at the next few days: “The flow pattern is definitely taking on a different configuration over the next week as a large upper-level trough deepens over the eastern U.S. This will allow cooler Canadian air to pivot southward toward the Gulf Coast by this weekend bringing a much cooler and drier air mass to regions in desperate need of a pleasant change.  Though most of the coldest air will slip off to the north and east of the southern regions of the U.S., a change in the weather pattern is welcome news to anyone in the southern half of the country.

Though indicated as a stationary front by midday Friday, cooler, drier air filtering in from the north will have a pronounced effect for the northern Gulf Coast regions from Texas to Florida. Image: ImpactWeather StormWatch

“However, before this happens southeast Texas will see an increasing risk for mainly late afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms over central and southeast Texas through Friday as a weak stationary front collides with hot daytime temperatures and high humidity levels moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico. The best chance for rain will generally remain just to the north of the Houston area for today, but will likely shift a little more south on Wednesday and Thursday.  Given the circumstances, any storms that develop could quickly become severe with the primary threat being strong downburst winds in excess of 50 mph, hail and intense cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. Rain chances are expected to end on Friday followed by pleasantly cooler and drier air for the weekend and into early next week.   Temperatures are likely to fall into the 50s over most of the southeast Texas by this Sunday and Monday morning with daytime highs leveling off in the lower to mid 80s.

Wishful thinking? Today, certainly - but it won't be much longer now before this is a reality for many regions of the country. Photo:

“Afternoon temperatures for this time of year in Southeast Texas are typically expected to be in the mid-to-upper 80s, while overnight temperatures fall into the mid-to-upper 60s. Northern areas that will see more of the cold air will also take a decidedly cooler turn. Milwaukee, for instance, will see highs only in the upper 50s Friday then down to near 40 by Saturday morning — or about 10-12 degrees cooler than normal.”

Wishful thinking? No - this is real. Though higher earlier today, the Dow is making the kind of headway we can all appreciate. Image: Yahoo Finance









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