EF4 Tornado Rips through South Dakota

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The National Weather Service confirms that a half-mile wide EF4 tornado with winds between 166-200 mph ripped through the Plains of South Dakota last Saturday. The twister struck a rural area near Bowdle, South Dakota and damaged several farms. Garages were destroyed leaving only their concrete foundations behind. The twister also struck large power transmission towers destroying six to eight of them and tossing one 400 yards.


Tornado that ripped through South Dakota on Saturday has been rated an EF4. Image: National Weather Service

The Enhanced F-scale is a set of wind estimates (not measurements) based on damage. Image: Storm Prediction Center

Thankfully no injuries were reported and fortunately this powerful twister touched down in a rural area because it certainly would have been a lot worse if it had struck a more populated area.

Damage near Bowdle, South Dakota. Image: National Weather Service

Image: National Weather Service

Image: The National Weather Service

Cleanup crews I’m sure are hard at work this week trying to pick up the pieces from this past weekend’s storms. However, there’s a threat for severe weather across South Dakota through at least Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms will develop across the High Plains today and conditions will be favorable for at least isolated severe storms capable of producing large hail, damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes. The severe threat continues tomorrow and into Saturday as warm, moist air surges northward and instability increases ahead of the next approaching storm system. Be on the lookout for isolated severe storms Thursday through Saturday across portions of South Dakota.

Thursday: Severe weather threat is indicated in red. The yellow shading represents sustained winds between 20-30 mph. Image: ImpactWeather

Friday: Severe weather threat is indicated in red. Breezy conditions are expected across portions of Southwest and into the Plains with winds between 20-25 mph (yellow). Image: ImpactWeather

Saturday: Isolated severe storms will be possible across portions of the Plains. Image: ImpactWeather

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