Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Like Our Hurricane Season Forecast; Rush Limbaugh’s Climatologist DOES

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A funny thing happened on the radio yesterday.

About halfway through Rush’s second hour on the air, he commenced to bemoaning the fear-mongering of the mainstream media with all of its doomsday predictions, including fears of spiraling gasoline costs and the forecast for a fairly busy 2010 hurricane season.  It was at this point that he began reading from a National Geographic News Online article posted last week that prominently features ImpactWeather lead hurricane forecaster Chris Hebert and our 2010 Atlantic Tropical Season Forecast.

In his trademark way – i.e., sarcastically witty – he dismissed the prediction as just another example of media-induced hype and declared, dramatically, that it was “suicide time.”

But today brought a new sunrise and with it a refutation (or sorts) from “the official climatologist at the EIB Network, Dr. Roy Spencer.”  According to Dr. Spencer and as posted on the show’s website, “Note that there is cold water in the north Atlantic and the tropical eastern Pacific.  The cold-warm pattern in the Atlantic is classic and is called the North Atlantic Oscillation, the NAO.  Combined with a La Nina expected in the next few months, the natural – natural – hurricane cycles should be in high gear.”  Dr. Spencer goes on to say that he wouldn’t venture a guess on the exact number of storms this season, which is perfectly fine – we all have our areas of expertise.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Rush is an excellent communicator and an expert on many subjects.  But meteorology?  Not so much.

FYI, we’ll be hosting our monthly 20-minute season forecast update webinar on July 1st.  You can register here.

Maybe Rush can attend.

Photo: The Rush Limbaugh Show® Premiere Radio Networks © All Rights Reserved, 2010.

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