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ImpactWeather gained two new faces this week and, as always, we’re extremely glad to have them on board.  Why extremely glad?  Because we’re also extremely picky about who we hire whenever we add to our forecast team.  So when we finally do select someone from the list of applicants for each position we post, we know that person is going to bring significant value to our entire team.  And that’s more than a little exciting.

Our newest member of the TropicsWatch team, Derek Ortt, comes to ImpactWeather from the University of Miami where he completed his BS in meteorology and applied mathematics in 2005 and his MS in 2007.   Derek has been working toward his PhD over the past two years but he decided that it was time to get out into the workforce rather than stay in school any longer.    Derek is a real “hurricane nut” . . . as are each of the members of the TropicsWatch team.  Proof of that nuttiness?  While performing research for his MS, Derek flew recon into Hurricane Rita on September 22, 2005 on NOAA 43 as part of the RAINEX project. 


According to ImpactWeather lead hurricane meteorologist Chris Hebert, “Derek’s not new to hurricane forecasting.  He’s been providing forecasts for research mission planners and others for a number of years now.  I’ve known Derek and have followed his forecasts online since around 2003-2004.  I think he’ll be a great addition to the TropicsWatch team and to ImpactWeather.”

Bob Jones is our newest MarineWatch forecaster.  Bob comes to us by way of the U.S. Navy and began his career as an enlisted man on the nuclear sub USS Ohio.


After completing officer training, Bob was an Anti-Submarine warfare helicopter pilot.   He then became a ship routing officer at Norfolk where he provided tailored marine forecasts for U.S. warships (including the Coast Guard), Military Sealift Command Merchant Vessels, NOAA research vessels, and allied and coalition vessels.  He also provided route recommendations to the Captains and Masters of those vessels to ensure they didn’t exceed their stated limits for winds and sea states and provided tropical/major storm avoidance and fleet sortie recommendations.

After receiving a dual Masters in Meteorology/Oceanography, Bob finished his Navy career at Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center in Monterey, CA.  Introduced by MarineWatch manager Jim Dykas, “We’re especially pleased to have Bob join us given his unique educational and Navy experience.  His Masters and experience in oceanography are particularly valuable to the entire team to the benefit of all of our MarineWatch clients.”

Bob completed his Navy career as a Lieutenant Commander.  We salute him for his service to the country and are very glad to have him on board at ImpactWeather!

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