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[Posting for Dave who is on vacation. – Fred] The air has been cool, thin and dry this past week in Taos, New Mexico and the perfect vacation is drawing to a close. Most of my vacation days are spent motorcycling and this one is no exception. Enjoying the mountain climate does my body good, while riding the mountain roads on two wheels does wonders for my soul. And Taos has been the perfect destination – the food, the hospitality, the weather, even the smiling faces of the many construction crews patching winter-torn roads have all been "picture postcard" perfect.

Self-portrait. Riding my BMW motorcycle with friends near Taos, NM.

And the weather… a blog post to YourWeatherBlog would have to discuss the weather, wouldn’t it? With the exception of a brief mountain shower yesterday, the weather has been mostly sunny with highs in the upper 80s and overnights into the upper 40s. Could it be any better? I spent my summers as a youngster in New
Hampshire – we’d start the typical August day in a sweatshirt, by midday we’d be in t-shirts and after dinner it was back into a sweatshirt. I guess that was stamped into my DNA because I’ve been on a quest to find that type of weather ever since, and this past week was exactly what I needed. I’ll be back in the oppressive summer heat and humidity of Houston in a couple of days and the countdown will once again begin to my next trip to the mountains.

Timing the drop of an M&M (peanut) from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (it took 14 seconds to reach the water below).


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