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As the Tropics begin to flare up, so too does editorial interest in our activities at ImpactWeather.  Here are a few mentions we’ve received in the press over the last week.

I don’t always agree with the way the general media characterizes our forecasts, both near- and long-term.  But their job is to generate interest and encourage readership . . . and increased awareness is always valuable especially as it relates to preparing for the current season.  It’s still a little odd, though, given that anti-alarmism isn’t just our stance around here, it’s our SOP, the way we operate, the way we think.  (But as the marketing guy, you probably won’t ever catch me arguing against free ink.)

We’ve also had a busy week at our YouTube channel where we’ve begun posting the TropicsWatch Daily Briefing every morning.  Take a look if you’re interested in activity in the Tropics.  And we posted a few other videos – “Hurricane vs. Oil Spill” has generated a good bit of interest – and we’ll be adding other videos from now on with abbreviated forecasts, valuable information about business continuity and employee resiliency, and other topics related to weather and general preparedness.

Have a topic you’d like to see us cover?  Just let me know at frogers AT

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