Tropical Storm Alex Triggers Sea Change

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In more ways than one, this week is important because it marks a sea change wherein all of us who might be affected by severe tropical weather this season will move from preparation mode to ready mode.  We’ve spent the last few months preparing to react and respond as favorably as possible to what most forecasters believe will be the most active Atlantic Tropical Storm Season in quite some time.

And right on cue, we have Alex which was just a tropical disturbance on Friday but which may grow into a category 2 or even a category 3 hurricane before making landfall somewhere along the western Gulf Coast late Wednesday or early Thursday.  As I type this, we’ve made a slight northerly adjustment to Alex’s track.  Because of this and according to ImpactWeather’s own time-tested and objective response plan, this morning we’ve activated a few of the more preliminary measures including making sure – by sunset this evening – that we have all the supplies we need to weather whatever unfolds.

A lot has been written about this hurricane season and what it might bring and we’ve all seen some fairly alarming projections in the mainstream media.  Don’t be alarmed, be prepared.  If you haven’t done so already, now is the time for clear-headed, calm and professional preparation so that you’re as prepared as possible.  Because right now we do have that most wonderful of luxuries, time.

Should Alex change its course to an even more northerly track, we’ll be ready.  Should the storm maintain its current course and make landfall right around Brownsville or the northeast Mexican coast, we’ll still be ready.  Ready for next week and the week after.  After all, hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30th.

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