Housing for Critical Personnel: The Missing Piece of Most Disaster Plans [free 20-min. webinar]

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Landfall is imminent.  (This is a hypothetical situation; there is currently no significant threat to the U.S. mainland.) The clock is ticking, the anticipation is palpable and this time it’s for real.  But your people, resources and plans – tested and re-tested – are in place and you’re confident.   Your hatches are battened.  You’ll get through this.  The disaster arrives, you endure it, it passes.  Now you focus on the tasks at hand: repair, recovery and return to normal operations so that your customers, employees and other constituents can continue depending on your operations to help them get back to normal, too.

But this time there’s an extra wrinkle.  Not only do you need to keep your IT staff at the co-lo site for more time than you anticipated but one of your sister facilities needs a few dozen of your employees to help repair and recover their damaged facilities, maybe even for three or four weeks.  And there’s not a single hotel room available within 50 miles of either town.

Michelle Lowther

Thankfully, there’s Continuity Housing and they’ve got you covered.  Join us on Wednesday, July 13th at 10:30C for a free 20-minute webinar plus Q&A presented by Michelle Lowther, a 20-year hotel housing veteran and DR hotel contracting expert.  This webinar is part of the year-long series of presentations that ImpactWeather is sponsoring on behalf of the Association of Contingency Planners.

During the webinar, Michelle will enlighten you about the often murky waters of hotel contracts and you’ll learn best practices you can implement right away:

  • Why hotels do what they do and how to get what you need from them
  • Things to look for in a hotel contract
  • How to guarantee your organization will be a priority for hotels at “crunch time”
  • Ways you can be proactive to make securing housing a smooth, efficient process during an event

Michelle presented at our Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry in May and she’s an engaging presenter and a leading authority in the profession of continuity housing.  Please register even if you’re unable to attend on that date – a follow-up email will contain a link to the recorded version of the webinar a day or so after and you can watch it whenever you have time.

Finally, remember that housing is one of those critical elements that needs to be set up well in advance and most definitely not the week of – but doing so ahead of time is neither painful nor time-consuming.  And remember, even though bad weather is the number one cause of business interruption, it’s not just weather calamities you need to be prepared for.  Infrastructure failure, earthquakes, utility disruption, terrorism – and, as we’ve seen all around the nation the last few months, forest fires – all are reasons to prepare early and expertly.

So, another thing to put on the list, sure.  But also another resource you’ll have mastered well in advance of when you need it most but it’s nowhere to be found – except by you.

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