Definitely A Hurricane Season To Prepare For – 17-Minute Video Shows Why

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On Tuesday, ImpactWeather TropicsWatch manager and Lead Hurricane Meteorologist Chris Hebert conducted a 45-minute webinar covering the June outlook relevant to the 2011 Hurricane Season.  Afterwards, Chris produced a 17-minute video synopsis of the June outlook.

More than 450 industry professionals from around the country attended the webinar wherein Chris presented the current conditions around the Atlantic basin – especially relating to how this year contrasts with last year’s “quiet” season – as well as projections for development and a list of analog years (including a couple of seasons many people would rather forget about entirely).

Last year actually wasn’t quiet at all but instead one of the busiest Atlantic hurricane seasons in history, however a large high-pressure area persisted over the south-central U.S. which drove the storms – including some fairly powerful ones – out into the Atlantic or into Mexico.

This year is definitely predicted to be different.  The climate’s in a different mood in our part of the world and a quickly collapsing La Niña will also be contributing to what ImpactWeather predicts will be an active hurricane season.

Watch the video.  Take heed.

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