Why So MANY Hurricane Prep Shows? There’s A Reason

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NOAA celebrates Hurricane Awareness Week from May 22nd to the 28th this year but I say May and June should both be Hurricane Preparedness Months.   Having been through quite a few hurricanes myself – both as a somewhat more mature and prepared weather professional but also as a fully unprepared younger adult – I can promise you that it’s better to spend just a day or two ahead of time planning and assembling what you need.

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

And there’s certainly no shortage of resources to get you started.  The 22nd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry takes place at the Houston Hobby Hilton on May 24th and there are still some spots left if you want to attend.  On the other end of the spectrum is The Ram Home Safety Prep Show presented by Popular Mechanics at Reliant Center – also in Houston – on Saturday, June 4th.

Why do I mention a figurative spectrum?  Because, while both events have significant value and also share the same general theme, these are two totally different shows.  The Popular Mechanics show is intended for the general public and will feature information about preparedness products, services and general sources of information – plus a display by the U.S. Coast Guard aerial rescue team in the parking lot – whereas The Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry is for risk management, disaster planning and business recovery professionals who continually seek to fine-tune their emergency response plans so that, among many other goals, their businesses are the last to close and the first to open. (In order to help one lucky Hurricane Seminar attendee do his or her job better, there’ll be a drawing for a nifty new iPad 2.)

In fact, about the only two things these shows have in common is that they’re both about hurricane/disaster preparation – and both will include ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Forecaster Chris Hebert as a featured speaker.

Either way, while there may be such a thing as too much planning, there’s no such thing as learning more ways to plan better. We’ll see you on the 24th . . . and maybe again on June 4th.


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