Snow Gone (Well…); Freeze On Deck.

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We could throw anything at the Northeast and they’d now say, “Is that all you got?” (in the typical New York accent, of course). They’re tired, they’re weary, they’ve seen it all this winter (and the record books prove it), and it’s likely they’ll be on the business end of another winter storm system tomorrow. Big deal.

So let’s talk about the South, where it’s about to get cold. Real cold. We first mentioned this a few days ago, but confidence was low as the event was still quite some time away. Although we’re still talking about next week, our forecast confidence is increasing and more computer models are starting to hint at the outbreak. However, even the slightest change in the flow pattern could result in significant changes to this outlook.

ImpactWeather’s Chris Hebert has the latest with this StormWatch video on the ImpactWeather YouTube channel posted just moments ago.

Areas of likely hard freeze (darker blue) and possible light freeze (lighter blue). Image: ImpactWeather StormWatch.

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