Corporate Aviation Helps True American Heroes

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“Imagine waking up every day without one or more of your limbs, with severe burns or even being paralyzed. For hundreds of War on Terror wounded veterans these new physical realities will be with them for the rest of their lives.”

We’ve mentioned a few times before the incredible achievement resulting from the efforts of the Impact A Hero organization.  ImpactWeather is consistently involved in a number of outreach and community involvement programs but this one is very close to our hearts.

Real American heroes benefiting from corporate aviation.

ImpactWeather is not directly affiliated with Impact A Hero but we, along with our parent company Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc., have participated in promoting and assisting the organization wherever possible since it was first formed in 2003 because “financially our wounded heroes deserve every American’s support to help pay for everyday living expenses, not to mention their new special needs such as retrofitting a house for a wheelchair. Our programs include Impact A Hero Day at sporting and entertainment venues, Impact A Hero Emergency Financial Aid and Impact A Hero Mentoring.” (From the Impact A Hero website.)

In addition to financial and emotional support, one of the coolest things they do is to take wounded veterans – our permanently wounded veterans – to all kinds of events such as group meals out, sporting events of all types, holiday parties and other events that have only one purpose:  fun.  And that’s Impact A Hero in a nutshell.  It’s a fun organization that puts a little fun and ease of spirit back into those who have sacrificed so much in the defense of our country.

And now Universal Weather has stepped up not only its participation with Impact A Hero but also its advocacy of the program in lobbying other corporations with flight departments to help out whenever possible.  The company recently debuted a gripping 10-minute video showing how a large company’s dormant asset can make a world of difference for these men and women.  Today I ask that you watch that video and share it wherever possible.

Finally, even if your company is able to do the extraordinary by donating use of its corporate jet, take a look at the 2011 Impact A Hero Weekend of events scheduled for this June.  Get involved somehow, even if you just come out and cheer at the Impact A Hero 5k Run, Walk, Wheel on Saturday morning, June 4th at Mercer Stadium, 16403 Lexington Blvd. in  Sugar Land about 20 miles southwest of Houston.  It’s a fun morning full of laughter and accomplishment and you’ll get a chance to see the impact your participation has on these genuine giants among us.

And if you can spare a few dollars, every little bit helps.

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