Queensland Flooding Continues

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Wet and soggy conditions continue over eastern Australia. Actually, “soggy” is not the appropriate word as many areas are indeed flooded, while Queensland’s coal mines are shut down and more than 200,000 people have been affected. Experts are already estimating flood-related costs above $5 billion, when considering infrastructure rebuilding (transportation has been particularly hard hit) and economic losses.

The flooding is a result of unusually heavy rains that began just before Christmas, and it’s not over yet. The ImpactWeather StormWatch team reports that a trough of low pressure will bring a threat of showers and thunderstorms to portions of southeast Queensland through tomorrow (local time). Rainfall amounts will be light however; generally less than 2 inches, but any additional rain will worsen flooding concerns for recent flood-stricken areas such as Rockhampton, Chinchilla and communities along the Fitzroy River that have been particularly hard hit.

Rain continues to flood sections of the eastern Australian state of Queensland. Image: ImpactWeather Gmaps.

Residents currently in the flood zones will have to wait a few more days before water recedes and cleanup begins, while residents further south and downstream will have to wait for the rivers to reach their peak next week. One thing they won’t have to wait for are the displaced snakes and crocodiles. Authorities have already begun warning people within the flooded areas to be aware and cautious. Here in Texas, you wouldn’t have to tell me that as I’d be looking for them any time, anywhere.

In New Zealand, a fast-moving low-pressure system will approach western South Island late Wednesday into Thursday, and could produce periods of heavy rainfall across the region. Rainfall totals of 3-5 inches may be possible and there could be isolated higher amounts across elevated terrain, which could lead to flash flooding.

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