Never Bet Against Mother Nature—Jewelry Store Owner Finds Out the Hard Way

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It’s hard to believe Christmas has come and gone, but for customers of a Wilmington, North Carolina jewelry store they are still celebrating. Perry’s Emporium, owned by Alan Perry, ran a special promotion between November 26 and December 11 that would refund customers on their purchases if they received 3 inches or more of snow on Christmas Day. Last weekend, a strong winter storm system moved from the Carolinas to the Northeast dumping heavy amounts of snow along the East Coast. Asheville received 8.5 inches of snow on Christmas day and now the jewelry store has to pay up.

Photo: Perry’s Emporium

It will take about 45 days for the owner’s insurance company to cut checks to customers who bought jewelry during that time period. It’s estimated that the payout will be near $400,000. The cost of their current insurance policy is less than 10 percent of that. Believe it or not but Perry’s Emporium is thinking about running a similar promotion Valentines Day.

Too bad Mr. Perry isn’t a reader of YOURWEATHERBLOG otherwise he would have seen our posting dating back to December 14 from our guest-poster, StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude. In this post he gave us almost a two-week heads up on what to expect the weekend of Christmas. He stated that cold, Canadian air would surge southward to the Gulf Coast around Christmas bringing the risk of freezing temperatures all the way to the coast and the chance for snow across the western Carolinas. In the days leading up to Christmas, models were in good agreement for a strong low pressure system to move into the Atlantic Ocean region and strengthen over the weekend as it moved northward. This increased the threat for heavy snow and gusty winds along the East Coast. Meteorologists here at ImpactWeather monitoring this situation very closely predicted this particular area would receive 4-8 inches with isolated heavier amounts up to 12 inches and that’s just what it did.

Image: ImpactWeather

I guess if Perry’s Emporium is thinking about doing another promotion involving the weather, they should contact us here at ImpactWeather to see what long range models are saying about the chances for snow around Valentines.

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