Christmas Weekend Snow Strands Travelers

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Most of us have heard the song “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby and recognize the most famous line of the song, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”  This year a lot of people along the East Coast did see a white Christmas after all. However for some travelers the dream was more of a nightmare.

Winter storm strands holiday travelers across the Northeast. Photo: New York Daily News

Thousands of travelers were stranded across the Northeast this holiday weekend as a winter storm dumped heavy amounts of snow and grounded flights across the region. Nearly 7,000 flights were canceled. More than two feet of snow fell across parts of the Northeast as the winter storm moved up the coast from the Carolinas to Maine. Strong winds across the area led to areas of blowing snow with travelers left stranded in buses, subway trains and airports.

Flights were grounded across the Northeast due to the heavy snow and strong winds. This picture was taken at Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday. Photo: AP

More than 18 inches of snow fell in Boston, 29 inches in northern parts of New Jersey and areas just north of New York City received two feet of snow. The subway system in New York City even broke down in spots due to the heavy snow and this left riders trapped for hours. Even though the weather is improving across the Northeast today and airports are open again, many airline passengers could be stuck for days because most jets are fully booked due to the busy holiday season. The train service isn’t much better either as Amtrak expects only limited trips today between Boston and New York.

Thankfully the strong low pressure system responsible for the heavy snow the past few days across the Northeast will move northeast of the region today. Breezy winds will continue across the area this morning, but should gradually decrease throughout the day. Sustained winds of 20-25 mph will be possible with locally higher winds along the coast. High pressure will build in the next couple of days with highs in the 20’s and 30’s (ºF).

Breezy conditions continue across the Northeast today as the strong low pressure system exits the region. Image: ImpactWeather

The massive cleanup continues today in New York City. Not only are they trying to get business back to normal but this Friday is New Year’s Eve and Times Square is expecting nearly one million people to attend the city’s biggest party of the year.

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