Something Winter This Way Comes? Well, At Least It’ll Feel More Like It

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Temperature outlook for December 2010 indicates above average temps across most of the Plains and below normal temps across the Northeast. Click to enlarge. Image: ImpactWeather

All weekend long meteorologists here at ImpactWeather have been studying constantly updated models, some of which are trending in agreement (a meteorological phrase I’m not technically certified to use) towards a sharper dip in temps across much of the U.S. next week.  Though not yet actually winter, already we’re seeing this season play out as we originally predicted it would with milder-than-usual temps but occasional sharper dips in temperature.

Already in SE Texas we’ve seen a couple of shivering drops of the mercury – after spending almost all of Thanksgiving Day in shorts and sandals – and we’re expecting another drop in temperatures this week and, probably, an even greater drop next week behind a strong cold front.

“Long-range models continue to indicate several intrusions of Canadian/Arctic air into Texas, but nothing spectacular as far as any winter weather,” according to Senior Meteorologist Chris Hebert. “Just another couple of cold air surges like the one which moved in last Thursday evening, though probably less dramatic in terms of the rapid temperature drop. One front arrives tonight, knocking our daytime high down into the mid 50s for tomorrow.  Another front arrives around next Monday/Tuesday, perhaps cold enough for another light freeze across the area.”

Nobody’s happier to see winter arrive. Image:

“Next week’s storm could bring some significant snowfall to the mid Atlantic and Northeast U.S., though my confidence is low on specifics this far out,” Chris warns.

StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude agrees:  “The latest suite of data is considerably more progressive with a fast moving disturbance arriving early next week with a chance of showers and storms followed by a quick burst of colder air during the middle to latter part of the week with clear and cold nights followed by sunny and cool-to-mild days here in the Houston area.  Compared to this week, next week may turn to be a little colder, especially after next Tuesday.”

Want a better look even further out?  Join us this Thursday for a free, 20-minute webinar, our first update to the 2010-11 Winter Weather Outlook.

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