College Colors: A Proud Bunch of Diverse Backgrounds

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Recently we celebrated College Colors day at the office and a few dozen employees participated by wearing their best (?) and brightest jerseys, polo shirts and, in one case, a blinking golf cap.

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We’re a more diverse lot than you might imagine.  I graduated from the University of St. Thomas here in Houston and, while my degree isn’t in meteorology, several of our meteorologists obtained their degrees from Houston’s outstanding Catholic university. Impactors hale from around the country and – along with our extremely highly valued veterans of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force – we have graduates from all over the place.  We’re dominated (although not as much as they’d like to think) by Aggies from Texas A&M but we also boast Texas Longhorns, some Florida State Seminoles, an Auburn grad and a healthy selection of graduate degree holders from Mississippi State, Embry Riddle and elsewhere.

Sadly, my alma mater didn’t have any major sports teams so my allegiance is dictated by how I was raised by my parents and older siblings . . . as a proud Texas Longhorn.  (But don’t tell my boss – the one in the middle at the very back.  He’s an Aggie.)

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