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The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season, at least the second half of it, continues to remain active. Look no further than today’s satellite imagery to see Karl, Igor and Julia which are all classified as hurricanes. Three active storms at the same time is unusual, but not without precedent. Four active storms is another story! In September, 1998 four named storms were active at the same time: Georges, Jeanne, Ivan, and Karl (Karl apparently finds strength in numbers). Before 1998 it was August,  1893 when there were four active storms spinning together. There are no instances of five simultaneous hurricanes, however in September, 1971 there were five cyclones at the same time, but only two actual hurricanes formed from those depressions. Even in 2005, the busiest Atlantic storm season on record, there were not four named storms simultaneously.

Hurricanes Karl, Julia and Igor, with Tropical Disturbances 50 and 51 Image: ImpactWeather TropicsWatch.

For you “record watchers,” it does not look like we will have four named storms happening all at the same time…at least not in the next day or two. Tropical Disturbance 51 may develop as it reaches the Caribbean, but nothing in the next four or five days. Tropical Disturbance 50 has development potential as well, but again not for another several days. Igor remains strong, Julia will spend the next few days weakening (and being absorbed by Igor) and Karl will make landfall this afternoon.

Click over to the ImpactWeather YouTube Channel for today’s TropicsWatch Daily Briefing for the latest from ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Meteorologist Chris Hebert.

September 1998: Georges, Ivan, Jeanne, Karl. Image: Wikipedia.

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