National Preparedness Month – It’s Not Your Father’s Idea of “Ready”

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There’s a new tropical system in the eastern Atlantic, although it appears that Danielle will probably remain a fish storm. (A fish storm is a tropical system that will remain over water throughout the entirety of its life . . . therefore of concern only to the fishes.  Well, and any ocean-going vessels.)  But with Earl probably close on her heels, their development has finally kicked off what so far has been a somewhat sluggish season.

And that concerns me.  Late start to the season, no major impact on the U.S. mainland yet, “just a few weeks left” before the peak activity period is over.  That’s a fine recipe for procrastination by those who still haven’t prepared for the season.

Danielle as of Monday morning.  Image: ImpactWeather, Inc.

Week before last I posted about the importance of having refined timeline triggers.  It’s no coincidence that September – almost always the busiest month of the hurricane season – is National Preparedness Month, although the focus of the project isn’t just on storm readiness but being prepared for any type of significant disruption.  In an effort to further the goals of helping our clients be as ImpactReady as possible, ImpactWeather recently became an NPM Coalition member.  Doing so provided us with even more tools to help our clients prepare well in advance for whatever business continuity issues they might need to deal with, be they weather-related or not.

The goal of National Preparedness Month is “to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. NPM Coalition membership is open to all public and private sector organizations for free. By joining the Coalition your organization would agree to promote emergency preparedness during the month of September.”

As an NPM Coalition member, your company can help its employees, others in your community and (most importantly) your family be ready for as many different types of emergencies as possible.

You can register to become an NPM Coalition Member by visiting To learn more about NPM, visit and click on the NPM banner.

Remember that by this point in the 2005 season, Katrina was yet to make landfall.  (Never mind Rita, Ike, et al.)  We’ll talk more about that later this week.

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