September is National Preparedness Month!

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Of course it’s no surprise that the team at ImpactWeather greets National Preparedness Month this September enthusiastically. With a group of safety experts, risk management specialists and meteorologists, it’s safe to say we live and breathe emergency response plans. In recognition of National Preparedness Month, we are highlighting cost-effective, easy, and stress-free ways in which businesses can participate. ImpactWeather’s “Be Prepared. Be Ready. Be Safe.” campaign offers six steps your company can implement this month that will add to your overall safety and emergency preparedness goals:

Be Prepared

Emergency Preparedness Checklist1.      Corporate Awareness Event. Regardless of the size of the company, hosting a corporate awareness event for employees encourages personnel to prepare their families and community. Companies can invite experts, vendors and emergency response personnel to speak with employees on topics that range from weather to medical safety.

 2.      Contact Emergency Vendors. Now is the time to establish ongoing relationships with remediation, co-location and crisis accommodation vendors. If all parties who are involved in the emergency response planning are on the same page, this reduces communication errors and planning failures that can cause even more headaches following an event.   

Be Ready

3.      Review Emergency Response Plans. Every corporation should have an emergency or severe weather response plan, which includes steps that each department will take if a crisis or natural disaster were to happen. These response plans should be checked yearly to make sure the correct contact information, technology and vendors are up-to-date, and personnel are ready to handle any situation.

 4.      Safety Drills. Fire, evacuation, earthquake, severe weather and communication drills are all matters that companies should re-visit each year. If employees know what to do in a crisis, confusion will be minimized. Mass notification tools should be regularly tested. These tools will send a text or phone call to employees to alert them of emergencies, and advise when it is safe to return to work. If a company does not have a similar system, we recommended looking into this type of software.

Be Safe

5.      Safety Collateral. Handouts, flashlights and safety gear are resources that employers can provide to employees to remind them of National Preparedness Month. In addition, wallet cards with the company’s contact information and other emergency numbers (local, state and federal governments) are very useful.

 6.      Employee Preparedness and Safety Classes. Inviting medical workers or emergency response experts to offer a quick class on safety and response tips can often mean the difference between life and death in any emergency.

We’re not only talking the talk this month, we’re also walking the walk by implementing a few of these steps ourselves. ImpactWeather is offering its employees a CPR training course, and we’ll conduct an evacuation drill at our Houston office

We want to hear what your business is doing for National Preparedness Month. Send us an image of your company’s preparedness activity and we’ll share it on our Facebook page. Images and descriptions, including the company name, can be emailed to

Have a happy and safe National Preparedness Month!

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