I’m not a Meteorologist but I play one on TV

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We recently shot a video in our Operations Department in which I described ImpactWeather’s services and their value to our clients, while seated at the work station of one of our meteorologists (trust me, it’s a far more dynamic background than my office).  Prior to the “go” signal from our videographer, much joking was made by my colleagues about how I shouldn’t touch anything or accidentally send Trigger Reports to our clients.  Having a marketing professional in such close proximity to expensive forecasting tools would surely be cause for alarm.  All kidding aside, they had an excellent point.  What I know about weather models can fill a thimble, and I’m humbled to note how critically important the brain power in that one room is to everything we do at ImpactWeather.

ImpactWeather's Operations Department in action

ImpactWeather’s Operations Department in action

The Operations Department (or “Ops” according to the internal vernacular we use), literally positioned in the middle of our office suite, is truly the nerve center of ImpactWeather.  While my team, our finance and sales staff, as well as the other specialized departments in ImpactWeather are important spokes in the company wheel, we simply would not have the caliber of client service that we have without the meteorological professionals who monitor every weather development and potential threats in the nucleus that is the Ops Department, 24 hours a day.

While it’s easy for a lay person like me to look at the radar screens and models they use and appreciate the scientific aspect of the work, I’m reminded of the human element when I see testimonials from our clients praising our Ops staff for a forecast or alert that not only enabled them to make a more informed business decision, but also to carry that over to their personal lives and protect their home, family and pets.  With a more outward-facing position in the company, my role at ImpactWeather allows me to interface with clients in the typically calm setting of everyday life.  It’s the Ops staff who answers the phones when the Category 4 Hurricane is barreling toward a dozen of a client’s locations.  They have the 3 a.m. conference call with a client’s management team prior to a blizzard blanketing the east coast. They spend months away from their homes to conduct special projects in remote locations or offshore.  They have a passion for what they do and it shows.

So while I may not know how to do anything in the Ops Department other than a video shoot, I’m acutely aware, as are so many ImpactWeather clients, of the critical function that our Ops staff fulfill.


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