Tornado Relief: Where to Donate

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The last thing I want to do is add my voice to the growing masses already writing about the devastation in Moore, OK, and/or the meteorology behind the tragedy. Even though I used to live in Oklahoma and still have friends in and around Oklahoma City, it’s now about helping the survivors — and perhaps the best thing I can do is to use YourWeatherBlog to try to make it easier for you to find opportunities and organizations that can quickly send resources to Moore.

American Red Cross. You can select to either donate to Disaster Relief, a local Red Cross chapter or simply Where the Need is Greatest.

Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse is actively seeking donations for Moore, Oklahoma.

Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is accepting donations for Oklahoma Tornado Relief.

Ten Doves. Ten Doves focuses on the emergency rescue and relief for children, food and clean water, shelter, and helps bring families back together.

Operation USA.  The international relief agency announced it’s providing emergency aid where needed to community-based health organizations across Oklahoma.

The United Way of Central Oklahoma. The United Way has activated its disaster relief fund, effective yesterday, so individuals may contribute specifically to the May tornadoes relief and recovery efforts.

AmeriCares. Emergency medical and humanitarian aid immediately moves through AmeriCares global distribution network into the hands of first responders on the ground, saving lives.

Let’s not forget that it was last Wednesday that the North Texas town of Granbury and nearby communities were hit hard by tornadoes, as well. This makes it even more important to not only donate, but to consider donating to an organization broad enough to reach every disaster victim or to be specific about where exactly you want your donations to go. Here are a couple of organizations that can help those in the Granbury area:

The North Texas Food Bank. The North Texas Food Bank organizes nutritious meals for North Texans.

Mission Granbury. Mission Granbury offers specific, concrete, and practical assistance. Their programs and services are essential to the well-being of the Granbury community.

Many charities such as the Catholic Charities USA organization have not set up a specific tornado relief funds for either Granbury or Moore but can direct relief efforts where needed. Your local church or worship center can also help you decide where and how to donate.

I’ll also mention that in times of regional disasters such as this, pets become lost and separated from their families. Animal organizations such as the ASPCA can take your donations, so too can organizations like PetSmart Charties. Lost and found pages are usually set up quickly after an event like the Moore tornado and if you’re wanting to know more about lost and found animals you can visit this facebook site that’s already listing photos of missing pets from the Moore area.

Additionally, many organizations such as Target, Whataburger, The Home Depot and many more support local efforts for relief in the stricken communities of both their customers and their associates. Your patronage is as important now as it’s ever been.

Lastly, if you live on your mobile phone (and who doesn’t?), you can make a quick $10 donation via SMS text. Text STORM to 80888 for The Salvation Army USA, Text REDCROSS to 90999 for the Red Cross, Text FOOD to 32333 for Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Note: With all charities and non-profits, make sure any site you visit is properly registered and trustworthy before blindly sending money. Make sure your help does the most good possible. Remember that the community’s needs will be ongoing, and your contribution will be appreciated as much later as right away. You can take time to find out about charities and think about the causes you want to support. And if you want to send items rather than money, check with the organization you prefer to make sure they’re in need of the items you want to donate.

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