Tangible New Weather Forecasting Service for Energy Traders Announced: Crystallizing the Mountain of Data

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Research.  Rockefeller, Buffett, Jobs – all agreed that research is where the ideas come from, ideas for progress.  For productivity.  For profit.

For years energy traders have been asking ImpactWeather for access to our proprietary tropical forecasting data so that the industry could know what the largest operators in the Gulf know and when they know it.  Following a year of research and nearly as long in development, last week ImpactWeather debuted TropicsWatch for Energy Traders, a service designed to help energy traders get a better look at what the market will likely be reacting to, weeks in advance.

View a sample of the cornerstone of the service, ImpactWeather’s Tropical Cyclone Risk Assessment index.

TropicsWatch for Energy Traders was specifically designed with first-to-market in mind. It provides climatological, probabilistic and deterministic forecasts and trend analyses, optimized for easy interpretation and rapid action. This means better insights more quickly with less time analyzing and more time strategizing – all of which means better opportunities for profit.

The Tropical Cyclone Risk Assessment: a single-page, easily discernible assessment of what the real impact might be. Click to view full sample.

What makes the TropicsWatch for Energy Traders such a powerful trading tool? According to ImpactWeather Program Manager and Senior Meteorologist Paul Drewniak,

“TropicsWatch for Energy Traders aggregates market-moving weather intelligence into a comprehensive, web-based service designed to save traders valuable time, leverage ImpactWeather’s leading tropical weather expertise and take positions with confidence.

TropicsWatch for Energy Traders has been designed using the insights of traders, delivers intelligence that will get you first-to-market, and allows you to spend your time executing your strategy – not analyzing data.  It’s a level of detail, insight and flexibility energy traders have never experienced before,” says Drewniak.

The service offers the best opportunities to mitigate risk and maximize gains in the face of the volatile weather of the Gulf, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Basin, where short-fused developments can have long-term financial implications.

Features of the new service include:

  • A unique Tropical Risk Assessment index of the probability of overall threat of a Gulf of Mexico tropical cyclone at a glance: a color-coded, proprietary forecast updated daily and valid through the next 30-day rolling period.
  • Proprietary Advisories with 7-day track forecasts on potential tropical system development (when a system is only a disturbance), delivered up to days in advance of formal National Hurricane Center classification.
  • Advisories issued two hours ahead of official NHC advisories, updated four times daily.
  • Graphical representations of NHC tropical models including GFDL, HWRF and BAMS.
  • Detailed impact forecasts for cities with refineries and numerous locations in the Gulf with platform overlays.
  • ‘First-To-Market’ special offer designed exclusively for energy traders and meteorologists supporting energy trading operations.

For more information, contact Mickey Lee, Industry Manager  at mlee@impactweather.com or give him a call at 281 652-1004.

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