Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Day We Stopped Thinking of Hurricanes the Same Way: Eight Years Later

Katrina. A name so infamous it need not be preceded by the word hurricane. A name that conjures images of people rowing boats past destroyed neighborhoods, seeking shelter in a rapidly disintegrating sports stadium and desperate hospital staff scrambling to arrange patient rescue. Presently immortalized as the costliest United States storm to date, we cringe […]

To shut down or not to shut down…That is the question

Far from Shakespeare’s existential oratory that famously characterized the opening of Hamlet, the question of shutting down, or evacuating an offshore rig in the face of severe weather is one that carries enormous consequences. In addition to the logistical challenges of aligning evacuation methods (aircraft or boat), there are the costs associated with lost production […]

Halfway Through Hurricane Season, We Are Not Out of the Woods Yet

Unlike many heatwave haters, August is one of my favorite months. School is starting to ramp up (for those of us in the South), football pre-season is upon us, and most importantly, my birthday is in two weeks. For others, it can be the worst time of year, with uncomfortable heat and humidity scorching much […]