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Las Vegas Line on Hurricane Season – Think You Can Win?

The American Red Cross says the only 7% of Americans have taken steps towards basic preparedness. That leaves 93% of us rolling the dice that a storm won’t impact our home. Another survey tells us that 29% of Americans haven’t prepared because they believe emergency responders will provide the assistance they need

Helping a community recover following a natural disaster: Your business can make a difference

Spring is a time of tumultuous weather across the mid-section of the country. Growing up in Dallas-Fort Worth, I’ve heard my fair share of tornado sirens, rushed into our storm shelter multiple times and lived in North Texas when the infamous March 2000 tornado hit Fort Worth. It’s a very real threat, not just for […]

GOES 13 Weather Satellite Fails Again: Write Your Own Title

This single unit provides data that is critical in producing not only weather forecasts, but data that goes into producing life and death decisions made to protect millions of people and safeguard billions and billions of dollars worth of property and other resources.

Tornado Relief: Where to Donate

perhaps the best thing I can do is to use YourWeatherBlog to try to make it easier for you to find opportunities and organizations that can quickly send resources to Moore.

Hurricane Season: It Doesn’t Feel Like It (Raise Your Hand if You’re Prepared)

Let’s understand that immediate response is not what FEMA is about. It will take time for the emergency management organization to gather supplies and personnel to respond to a crisis. They may even have to cut a path through debris to reach your front door — and that’s not going to happen any time soon. In fact, FEMA’s own guidelines tell us that we should be self-sufficient for a minimum of three days.