Monthly Archives: April 2013

Your Preparedness Status: No Emergency Yet

This is the time for preparation. This is even the time to learn how to prepare. There’s still time. For some of us there will always be time to prepare but there are always those for whom time runs out. There are always those who say tomorrow is the day they’ll begin to prepare. There are always those who believe it will happen to somebody else but never to them.

Solar Flare This Weekend Was a “Dud” – Opportunity to Review Your Emergency Plan

Are more solar flares and coronal mass ejections in our future. Experts say yes, with certainty. How strong and when is a little more cloudy. Yet with the the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season’s official beginning just 46 days away and a potential bullet dodged just a couple of days ago, now is the perfect time to review your business continuity plan, as well as your emergency plan and emergency kit for home.

StormReady Rocks Out with Linkin Park; What’s It Mean to You?

It’s clear that, at least for a moment, Linkin Park has stepped away from its other-worldly rock star status and have focused on how they can take responsibility for the safety of the people at their concerts. Concerts are a business and year after year it’s been proved that weather is the number one interruption to business.