Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

Not a Quiet Pattern: Weather in the U.S. Next Week Might Be Fairly Severe

There’s a flurry (forgive the pun) of activity in the ImpactWeather Operations Center this morning. First, there’s the discussion of a wintry mix of precipitation in Southeast Texas tonight. Granted, it’s the northern parts of Southeast Texas, but wintry precip is a big deal down here. Not only does it make travel conditions a nightmare (if it sticks) but it throws the general population into excitement-slash-panic mode. Not fun. Plus, it’s a real bear to forecast. And by that I mean that the conditions that bring about freezing precip are well-known, but actually getting those conditions is very tricky this close to the Gulf Coast and its moderating influence on the local air mass. It’s like the difference between a cupcake and a scone — substitute yeast instead of baking powder and the outcome may surprise you.