Monthly Archives: January 2013

On the Heels of Bitter Cold, An Ice Storm is On Deck

Because it’s January there’s still a lot of winter yet to come and some of it next week will be none too pretty. And what could be worse than bitter, miserable cold? What could be worse than heavy snowfall or even a blizzard? What’s the worst winter can throw at us? Ice.

Intense Flooding Making Life More Than Miserable for 10+ Million in Rapidly Sinking Jakarta; “Bathtub Effect” Threatens Future of City

Imagine the infrastructure of Port au Prince, a population density about a third greater than New York City*, the subsidence problems of New Orleans and a landscape like the Netherlands. What have you got? Jakarta. I mean, you know it’s bad when the Jakarta authorities are consulting with the Dutch for assistance in developing a plan to deal with the annual flooding.

Not a Quiet Pattern: Weather in the U.S. Next Week Might Be Fairly Severe

There’s a flurry (forgive the pun) of activity in the ImpactWeather Operations Center this morning. First, there’s the discussion of a wintry mix of precipitation in Southeast Texas tonight. Granted, it’s the northern parts of Southeast Texas, but wintry precip is a big deal down here. Not only does it make travel conditions a nightmare (if it sticks) but it throws the general population into excitement-slash-panic mode. Not fun. Plus, it’s a real bear to forecast. And by that I mean that the conditions that bring about freezing precip are well-known, but actually getting those conditions is very tricky this close to the Gulf Coast and its moderating influence on the local air mass. It’s like the difference between a cupcake and a scone — substitute yeast instead of baking powder and the outcome may surprise you.