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Naughty or Nice, You Might Be in for Some Rocky Weather Tonight or Tomorrow

It’s all over the news: Christmas Day weather is going to be, well – a mixed bag. From a highly probably white Christmas in parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas, to blizzards and cold in the Plains to yet another strong winter storm pushing into the Pacific Northwest and lingering snow in New England, it really feels like Christmas for much of the country. However, it’s the severe weather potential — including tornadoes — from Texas to Alabama that has residents of those states wondering if such a thing could really happen on Christmas Day. The answer unfortunately, is that yes, it can happen on Christmas Day and in some places, likely will happen on Christmas Day.

Christmas Tradition: NORAD Santa Tracker Turns 57

3 days, 11 hours, 34 minutes and — as of right now — 19 seconds until the NORAD Santa Tracker becomes active. For more than half a century, the NORAD Santa Tracker has been tracking and disseminating Santa’s exact location as he leaves the North Pole and journeys around the world delivering presents on Christmas […]

Now Online: Lessons from Superstorm Sandy – What Should We Do Differently Before The Next Big One? [34-min. Recorded Webinar]

This morning ImpactWeather hosted a review of Hurricane Sandy and briefly discussed better ways to prepare for such a storm, an event that many folks claim they never thought could happen where they live.  With more than 120 lives lost, 8 million people with their electricity cut and rationing at gas stations even weeks after […]

Santa Bringing Bagful of Cold and Snow – Just in Time, But Where?

We’re still relying heavily on the computer models at this early stage. Like with a hurricane forecast, confidence in the numerical prediction models grows when more of the models swing to a consensus or near-consensus. And that’s especially true when the strongest models, in this case the GFS and the Euro are in agreement. In this particular case, the Euro hit on the cold first and the GFS has been playing catch-up, but here we are about a week out, and the two are in agreement.

Long-Range Look: Will There be a White Christmas? What About a Chilly One?

The long-range ImpactWeather forecast continues to indicate the possibility of a major change in the weather pattern, and that change will deliver much colder weather just before Christmas for most of the Lower 48. Even though confidence in the forecast is still on the low side because we’re examining a time period beyond 10 days, the forecast data is trending toward the colder pattern. Currently it looks like a strong Canadian cold front will surge across the Great Plains and to the northern Gulf Coast by the 22nd bringing breezy and much colder air as it passes by.

Cyclone Evan Continues to Pound Samoa; Like Killer Storm Bopha, Evan Curiously Eluding the Evening News

You probably haven’t heard of Typhoon Evan, at least not yet. The two-day old storm formed in the open waters of the South Pacific between Fiji and Samoa and quickly moved to the east. At the time of the first bulletin, winds were 35 knots gusting to 45 knots. 15 hours later winds were gusting to 65 knots and the storm had moved to just west of Samoa.

Geminids Shower Tonight is the Year’s Best – And Viewing Weather for Most of the U.S. Couldn’t Be Better

The Geminids, as they always do, appear to originate from the constellation Gemini, but originate instead from the object 3200 Phaethon — an asteroid, not a comet. Best viewing in the U.S. will be to the east shortly after midnight and, of course, try to be as far away from any light pollution as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t view tonight as the show will go on, though lesser in intensity, through the 19th.

You Asked the Meteorologist and Here Are Your Answers

Last week we offered to take any type of weather question from readers and honestly I thought we’d receive more questions along the line of, “I live in D.C. and my birthday is March 21st. Can we have the party outside?” Or “Why do TV weather people use such exaggerated hand gestures?”  In fact, each […]

Lessons from Superstorm Sandy: What Should We Do Differently Before The Next Big One? [Free Webinar]

In response to the tremendous impact of hurricane Sandy in October, next week ImpactWeather will host a free webinar to address some of the most important aspects of the storm as well as key elements and the vital importance of preparation. Here’s the invitation or you can go ahead and register here. Doesn’t it seem […]

Big Change Next Week: Cold vs. COLD – What’s it Mean to You?

We had a cold front move through Houston yesterday — no snow, no ice, no school closures. It’s December, after all, and I want some cold. In fact, Monday’s official Houston high was 82F, yesterday’s high was a record 83 and today — once these clouds break — should once again be quite warm, though […]