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YourWeatherBlog Presents: The 2012-2013 U.S. Winter Weather Outlook. Coming Soon to the Outdoors Near You

As a youngster in the Northeast U.S., I seem to only remember winter as putting on my jacket in mid-October and taking it off in mid-April. In between there were a few breaks from school in the form of snow days, it seemed to get dark pretty early and my brother and I could sometimes […]

Jupiter, the Moon, Aldebaran, an Eclipse and the ISS? It’s Not Too Late to See it All

Like last night, here’s what’s happening tonight: The nearly full moon will be in penumbral eclipse. The red giant star Aldebaran and Jupiter will be visible to the moon’s upper right. Additionally, Jupiter’s Galilean moons may be visible. Want more? The conjunction of Venus and Saturn will be visible, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning to view. And if that’s still not enough, there’s an opportunity to view the International Space Station as it slips quickly across the sky.

Thanksgiving Travel Weather Ain’t No Turkey; Different Story Next Week

Around the country the weather is pretty good, and should remain so for most places. The upper flow is driving a couple of strong cold fronts pretty quickly from west to east, and it should come as no surprise that the northern half of the U.S. should be on the receiving end of some chilly, wintry weather. Also, no surprise that those of us down south should be enjoying pleasant temperatures on Turkey Day. However, there are some changes brewing.

Good News: Latest on the Next Nor’easter

The good news is that although this storm is still expected to develop into a significant storm, development and nearly all of the effects will be well offshore.

Weekend Leonids Meteor Shower on the Near Horizon – Great Viewing Expected for Most

It’s becoming less cloudy as I sit and type this article. Good thing, too, as this YourWeatherBlog article is about gazing skyward and checking out the 2012 edition of the Leonids Meteor Shower this weekend.

Already Another Storm System to Again Test Mettle of Sturdy East Coasters

Here’s what we know: By the beginning of next week, a low pressure area will form off the coast of the Carolinas then move northward while remaining offshore. Should this occur, another round of locally heavy rain and gusty coastal winds could impact these regions from late Sunday through early Thursday.

Today’s Forecast: It’s About to Get Messy – and We’re Not Talking About the Election

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of bad news to report and it started this morning with many areas of the New York Tri-State region dipping into the 30s for overnight temperatures. Remember, many of the country’s heartiest residents are still without power and heat and, in many cases, housing. The cold is only the beginning. As the nor’easter approaches, the wind should start to pick up tonight, the rain moves in tomorrow midday, then the snow by tomorrow night (yes, snow). All the while, the winds continue to build.

Strong Nor’easter Threatening – Of All Places – Northeast U.S. Next Week

It’s starting to look like late next week a nor’easter will develop and then threaten the northeastern United States. It’s difficult to begin putting these thoughts into a blog. More difficult will be the client video that I’ll produce in just a few minutes. Can this really be happening, to the same place, again? It looks like it could be so.