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Election Day Weather Outlook? Nationwide Mostly Great

Here’s a post from this morning by Houston Chronicle SciGuy Eric Berger about what we can expect on Election Day, including a few graphics provided by ImpactWeather.  The short version?  Absent any delays caused by the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the weather won’t provide many excuses for anyone not to get out and vote.

Everything But A Drought, All In One Week – Louder Reminders to Prepare Don’t Exist

As we move into November, however, it’s time to start thinking about winter and, more importantly, preparing for winter. Just as coastal residents prepare for hurricanes and West Coasters prepare for the inevitable earthquake, most of the U.S. is now transitioning away from summer weather concerns to those more commonly associated with winter — the arrival of snow and ice, yes, but also winter home and car preparations, winter survival preparations and for those really thinking ahead, the needed supplies for the extended power outages brought about by an especially nasty ice storm.

Major New England Storm System Possible Early Next Week

It’s already being called the Perfect Storm but confidence remains low on what is certainly shaping up to be a major storm system that is still a week away from the U.S. East Coast.

GOES 13 – “I’m Baaaack!” Weather Satellite Returns From Dark, Cold Place

Who could’ve guessed that after sending corrupted images back to Earth and being swapped out for GOES 15 and then GOES 14, that we would be welcoming back to service GOES 13. But we are. After only three weeks, the problems with the ailing satellite have been addressed and, beginning tomorrow, the six-and-a-half-year old orbiting (geostationary orbit, that is) platform of weather sensors will return to active duty.

Gobsmacked! Miraculous Realities We All Take for Granted

This is not an article about the weather, or the weather-related things I typically write about. Instead this is going to be about how you and I, and the other humans around us, define ourselves. About not only failing to stop and smell the roses, but not even noticing the roses are there.

Red Bull Delays Man’s Highest Sky Dive Due to Weather – For Now

Today was to be the day that Felix Baumgartner jumped into the record books as the man who jumped from the edges of space and higher than any human has ever jumped before. It was not to be, as winds scrubbed the mission more than six years in the making.

Where’s Your Jacket? October Chill Fast on the Way

Not only did I contemplate grabbing a jacket this morning (the first time this season), but I spent this past weekend vastly unprepared for the weather that descended upon northeast Texas. Not a good thing for the local meteorologist, but I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with the consequences of leaving the house unprepared for the cold or the rain (friends can be merciless in their taunting!).