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Hurricane Season Outlook Update: Free 32-Minute Recorded Webinar

Nutshell: yesterday we distributed our Atlantic hurricane season update for June and July via, among other media, a half-hour webinar that you can watch now for free.  Just hit the graphic or click here. The presenter was ImpactWeather TropicsWatch manager and our lead hurricane meteorologist Chris Hebert and he packed his usual hour’s worth of […]

Drought? Tropical Storm? Heat Wave? Pick Your Memory, But Your Next One May Be of Heat

It’s already been pretty hot in the American Southwest, but with the first heat wave east of the Rockies right around the corner, it reminds me that summer — which begins tomorrow — is kicking off as it often does: lots of heat. But I don’t remember it always being that way.

Meteorologist Nicole Mitchell Fired For Serving Her Country? Seriously?

I’ve walked away from conversations in the past about the guilt or innocence of whomever simply because I don’t have all the facts. I just don’t have time for that kind of gossip. Having served on several juries in the past, I know — as all of us who have served do — that there […]

Hurricane Risk: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad … (Cities “Most At Risk” Really Are Most at Risk)

As compared to last year, there has been a shift in several of the major factors that determine a season’s overall characteristics: La Niña has been replaced with El Niño, sea surface temperatures are cooler, the Bermuda High is stronger and repositioned and more sinking, rather than rising air is expected over the Tropics.

A Milestone Week of Preparedness Observances . . . And An Extraordinary Show in the Heavens

Hurricane season is a big deal for us. By “us” I mean ImpactWeather specifically but it’s no stretch to include all meteorologists with an interest in the tropics. It’s also a big deal for our clients with offshore interests (which makes it a no-brainer that it’s a really big deal for us). Homeowners, local and […]

Hurricane Season Starts Today and You’re Not Ready

  Things everyone knows as of today: It’s June 1st, the official start of the Atlantic tropical storm season. We’ve already had two named tropical storms. It’s predicted to be a ‘typical’ season with a typical number of named storms and maybe even somewhat fewer than usual. Here’s the truth:  none of that matters. We’ll […]