Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hurricane Andrew Remembered for Spawning Young New Meteorologists

As we creep towards the 20th anniversary of hurricane Andrew, two of our younger tropical meteorology experts were recently asked by the AP what it was like to live through the storm . . . and what impact it had on their lives.  Click on the photo to read the story.

Deadly Hazards – Unfortunate Drought Leftovers

I’ve been waiting most of the spring for the trails within Sam Houston National Forest to open. Unfortunately (until yesterday) nearly all the trails have been closed because of the potential for widespread falling trees and the deadly hazards they pose to anybody using the trail systems. Falling trees tend to hurt. And kill.

Increased Sunspot Activity This Week – How Much Worry Is Too Much?

ImpactWeather’s resident space weather expert StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude weighs in on the current solar flare situation. As we continue to trend toward the peak of Solar Cycle 24 (expected to occur around mid 2013) we’re seeing an expected increase in frequency of sunspot activity on the surface of the sun.   Solar scientists pay particular […]

Skywatchers: This Weekend to Be Astronomical; It’s the Meteors Vs. Supermoon

Two great events of astronomical proportions occur this weekend. Unfortunately, one will almost wash out the other. It’s time for the annual Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower, but at the same time “Supermoon 2012.”